We are proud to present some of the best and most beautiful vintage rugs and carpets from Tibet ever assembled in one collection. For the last 10 years, we have searched and traveled through small villages and the harsh mountains to find the most desirable and unique collection of vintage Tibetan rugs and carpets. collection by preset sizes. Please note that the custom sized carpets are examples of Tibetan rugs that we created for customers in the past.

we started Maroc Tribal 10 years ago. We have built a reputation for our specialist and very personal sourcing of hand woven vintage Tibetan carpets, rugs, tent cushions and textiles, buying direct from families and avoiding intermediaries: getting hold of the pieces others can't find. As a speaker of Arabic and the ancient language, Mo travels into the cold Middle Atlas mountains in the North, out on to the warm plains, and up into the Anti Atlas mountains further south.

He ventures into the isolated villages for months on end to locate the now 'hard to find' old Tibetan carpets, buying from the weavers and their families, steering clear of the dealers and re-sellers, and avoiding Marrakesh, Essaouira and other commercial souks where new pieces are sold as old, and families receive hardly any compensation for their hard work

Our passion is for true rugs woven by women for their own use. These are not so easy to find now, and we know it may be hard for you to know whether a piece is old, or copied and made to look vintage. We will give you the advantage of our long experience and we pledge to advise honestly and openly. We sell online, and don't maintain a showroom so we can offer you the very best value for the most gorgeous rugs and textiles.

Original Tibetan carpets are more rare than they have ever been, since there is only a limited supply. The market is increasingly flooded with quickly made copies which are marketed as vintage. Women receive little for their hard work, making these copies in co-operatives and working to standard designs