Terms and Conditions
We buy directly from the e women following ‘fair-trade’ ethics. He deliberately avoids the middleman and the ‘dealers’ who elevate the prices depending on movements in fashion and demand. Due to this practice we try to help our clients benefit from lower prices, the true value of the tapestry. Boucherouites are very emotionally and artistically personal so why sell them at a price that bears no resemblance to the fee paid to their weaver. Yet as prestigious gallery exhibitions are a continued success, the general prices are sure to rise accordingly.

Due to the quantity and quality of our merchandise we frequently supply a range of professional buyers from interior designers to galleries. Please state in your order your profession with full Contact us details of your business.

Please always state the reference number(s) of the pieces concerned,
* Either by email to Contact us iinfo@tibetancarpets.org
* Or by telephone in Tibet (00212 632 857 217 )

National or international bank transfer, Pay pal, international Visa or MasterCard bank card.

We deliver worldwide. Delivery costs are defined in your original quote.